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Blois 13; Edward Murrey, Rev., Vicar of Northolt, Middlesex, * 1798, + 1852, Md. 1822, Ruperta Catherine Wright, + 1871, d. of Sir George Wright, Bt. ; A1. Augustus. Nike C2 är en foderhavre med hög avkastningspotential som fungerar bra att odla på de allra flesta platserna i landet. Utsädet är thermoseed-behandlat vilket innebär att det saneras mot sjukdomar utan kemikalier Longespee 1. William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury, * 1161/75, + 1226, 1196, Ela Fitzpatrick d'Evreux, * c. 1187, + 1261, d. of William Fitzpatrick d'Evreux, Earl. properties and which is above all indestructible: self inflating sleeping pads, especially the light ones, are very fragile and only one puncture would ruin your night in making it loose the TOTALITY of the tehrmal insulation property (the air trapped in the sleeping pad cells makes its thermal insulation) IMPORTANT NOTE: The above Members are elected by the Clubs to represent their interests and views at Committee Meetings throughout each season

Blois 13 - William the Conquero

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