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Can I Bring Home an LCD TV Lying Down? The short answer is yes, as long as care is taken to secure the television and reduce vibration. If the TV is in the original packaging, then proper support and padding are supplied. Check the manufacturer's instructions on the outside of the TV's original box for the best way to transport the unit Whether you just purchased a new LCD television or are moving to a new location, it is important to to safely transport the TV. With or without a box, the best way to move the television is by laying in flat Video guide safety transportation for your tv. Find best price samsung tv @ https://www.academia.edu/7252158/Sams.. Yes, it's ok to transport LCD flat (BUT NOT PLASMA!) So far as the packaging is concerned, please keep it. If it ever needs to go back for service and you ain't got it then you'll be advised that transport is at your risk and it will be suggested you buy a new packing set from the manufacturer at megabuck I wanted to pick up my LCD and was warned very strongly not to transport my TV flat. Apparently the layers on the screen do not have sufficient internal support and can 'seperate'. Luckily, the delivery guy was there at the time and I slipped him £20 to deliver it

(Note: A third type, the LED (light-emitting diode) display, is basically an LCD screen, but with LED backlighting.) If you want to read up on some finer points between TV types, here's a handy guide We need to transport a 65 LED tomorrow and it wont fit in either truck standing up. I know you cant lay a plasma on its side in transport because the heavy glass could crack (or the gas may leak out ;-)). LCD has always been fine but the LED has a glass panel as well. Is it a bad idea? TIA I move in to my new house this weekend. I am highly concerned with the transportation of my 60 LED Samsung TV. I have read not to lay it flat because it can warp, crack, other bad things. I am. Getting a Samsung series 6 55 LED. i have heard it is bad to lay down plasma tv's. I was wondering if it was the same deal with the LED or if there was a specific reason why plasma's shouldn't be laid down

Can I Bring Home a LCD TV Laying Down? Techwalla

  1. Best Answer: Definetly, do not lay the TV down, front or back. I would highly recommend moving the TV in the package it came or actually purchase a moving blanket. Be care using old comforters or blankets as the little crumb or price of dirt can rub against the screen during transport and scratch the screen
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LED TRANSPORTATION Provides professional and reliable transportation services for groups of many sizes. As our clients, your safety and punctuality are our number one priority while entrusting us to seamlessly coordinate your transportation needs I would recommend against trying to pack an LED tv at all on an international flight, but if you must, I suppose the best way would be via air freight like DHL, or with a passenger airline's cargo division, preferably still in its original packaging Large TV Moving Box Up To 70 Inch Tv. Condition is Used. Local pickup only in Bronx NY 10462. Great for moving your TV, art work, or mirror. Box fits up to most 70 In TVs. Comes with telescoping box.. Heavy-duty Roto Molded Polyethylene made from recycled materials (3) Display More » Linear Low Density Polyethylene (1 I would absolutely not transport a plasma TV laying flat, an LCD would have less chance of becoming damaged in transport but why take the chance? You may think that the salesman lost a sale but maybe he saved his store the return of a damaged TV. I don't know about BB but I have actually seen CC employees refuse to lay a TV flat in a customer's.

I am flying to India this weekend and since it was a last minute decision to fly (strangley usual in my case), the only flight on which I could get a ticket was Air India Express. Now, I bought a Samsung 40 LED tv yesterday (a gift for my parents in India. My only query and worry is about the. Find great deals on eBay for TV Road Case in Rack Cases, Hard Cases, and Bags. SKB 42-50 Flat Screen TV Transport Road Case. 32 TV LCD LED Plasma TV Custom. In essence, laying an LCD flat makes it tighter and puts it under pressure. When you move an LCD TV, it gets exposed to a number of bumps and vibrations whose impacts on the panel are amplified by the tightness that you have introduced into the panel by laying it flat

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It's a good idea to place the TV box between two sturdy pieces (e.g., a sofa and the backside of a dresser) to prevent shifting. How to ship a TV U-Pack ® provides an affordable way to ship a TV and other household goods. Just load your belongings in a moving trailer or container, and only pay for the space you use Thin with edge LED - thicker with backlit LED We have seen LCD panels with edge LED that are almost as thin as OLED panels. However, since an LCD TV requires a light guide to distribute light evenly across the panel there is a limit to how thin the LCD display can become